Canadian Maple Syrup - 540ml Can - Grade A, Dark Amber

Canadian Maple Syrup - 540ml Can - Grade A, Dark Amber

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540ml Maple Syrup can. Grade A dark amber / no.1 medium pure maple syrup.

Great for re-filling your glass bottles!

Packed right on the farm by the farmer himself, this tradition is now available for the outside world to enjoy. Pure maple syrup is an all-natural energy booster and a superior sweetener choice to help fuel your body before, during and after a workout. Our maple cans are only made from 100% pure natural maple syrup, and just as you would expect, it does not contain ANY artificial ingredients. You can even use this pure maple syrup as an alternative to sugar in your recipes. All you need to do is replace every cup of sugar with ¾ of a cup of maple syrup. Make your cooking more imaginative.

SO why not purchase this amazing Maple Syrup and impress your family and friends.

Store in a cool and dark place. Heat and light can decrease the percentage of light transmission from bottled maple syrup and could affect the quality and the color of the syrup. Refrigerate after opening.

Maple syrup can be preserved for three years if specific storage conditions are applied (glass bottles and cans of metal), and two years when packaged in plastic jugs. Refrigerate after opening. The opened product can be kept up to 6 months.

Procedures applied to avoid cross-contamination between products with allergens and maple syrup. This product is not made with ingredients from genetically modified organisms.